The name of the consolidated Henry Clay and John M. Gandy elementary schools in Ashland seemed like a settled matter. In 2018, a consensus was reached to retain the Gandy name on the new building, to open during the 2024-25 school year on the current Gandy campus. This was a nod to the historical significance of Gandy, which opened in 1950 to accommodate Black Hanover County students during a school segregation era that was long on “separate” but short on “equal.”

A school division in Virginia issued an official apology on Wednesday after recently printing T-shirts with a logo that appeared to resemble a swastika to some people who saw it, adding that it was “created without any ill-intent.”

But the problems that Brown Grove faces are not theirs alone; they are shared. Our history, our rural land and our environment is not just threatened within one set of boundaries—Brown Grove must be preserved and protected because that’s what’s best for all of us in this area.

I was glad you voted two months ago to require staff to use names and genders consistent with students’ gender identities, but I was disappointed when the majority of you voted to disapprove the required-by-law policy to allow students to use the bathroom aligned with their gender identity, which opened our school district up to a lawsuit
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