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As a public school teacher, I keep in mind that every student of mine is someone’s child and every student is worthy of respect and dignity. I care about my students and their learning unconditionally. I keep in mind that I serve the public and that I am tasked with the sacred responsibility of educating the children of the public. 

And that encapsulates my approach to public service: Every constituent, whether they voted for me or not, deserves to be treated with respect and dignity. Every constituent deserves to be helped to the extent that I can help them. My work is to help people, to make their lives better, and to make our community a better place to live for ALL of us.

As the proud daughter of two civil rights lawyers, I was born with this sense of sacred responsibility. They raised me to be civically engaged and to be a contributor. They raised me to vote in every election and to pitch in when it counts, help out, and use the advantages I have to help everyone around me. And after graduating from Wesleyan University, I felt that sense of civic engagement when I decided to become a public school teacher.

Preserving and improving public education became my life’s work. And it was that sense of sacred responsibility that drove me to get my doctorate in educational leadership and policy at VCU, and to return to the classroom, so I would never forget what it is to be on the receiving end of the policies that are created. 

I know, more than most, how legislative policies have real-life, real-time consequences on our educators, on our children, and on our families. My parents raised me to vote in every election and to pitch in, help out, and use the advantages I have to help everyone around me.

And now as a long-time resident, as a mother, as an educator, and as a passionate and hard-working community leader for the 55th District and the state of Virginia, I bring that same sense of responsibility to help make my sacred community–the 55th–stronger everyday, not just for me and my family, but for you and your family as well. In fact, if you recognize me, you’ve probably seen me running around Hanover, Caroline, and Spotsylvania, supporting my children at their soccer games or theater performances, representing one of several civic organizations, or speaking up for the needs of our community at School Board and Board of Supervisors meetings.

I am a longtime member of the Hanover Democratic Committee, a leader of the group Together Hanover, and a member of the Hanover NAACP. I was honored to be recognized as one of six Vox Populi (“people not afraid to speak up, and act out, for local causes they believe in”) by Richmond Magazine. And I was equally honored to be a leader in the most recent movement to finally change the Confederate-named schools and mascots in Hanover. And as a private citizen and a parent of a child with Type 1 diabetes, I fought with other parent advocates to successfully reduce the price of insulin and cap it at $50, not just for my own child, but other people’s loved ones too. 

I have served on Governor-elect Ralph Northam’s PK-12 policy council, as a local Education Association president and as a local PTA unit leader. And I’m active in my synagogue where I have taught Religious School, served on the Education Committee, and where I currently serve on the Board of Directors. 

I run because I believe that Virginia’s 55th District deserves independent-minded, principled, service-oriented, and competent representation. I believe that the people of the 55th district deserve to be treated fairly and with respect, no matter who you are, what your background is, what the color of your skin is, who you love, what your gender identity is, how much money you have, or how you vote. 

You deserve to be heard, you deserve respect, and you deserve a representative who shows up and who works and who feels a sacred responsibility to serve you. I run not just for my family, but for what would benefit us all. I run for the public good. I run to make our community a better place. I run to help people and to improve their lives. 

I run not for me but for us. I run for us.

Thank you for your support.

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